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ASH Net is amongst the leading internet providers in Auckland, NZ helping you stay connected to the world through our fast & dependable internet services. We provide various internet services, VOIP, Wi-Fi connection services & IT support to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you need internet services for your home or for your business, our plans are designed to suit your requirements. Check out our plans below.


We are the best internet provider in Auckland, New Zealand, helping businesses like yours with IT support, hosting, VoIP and internet.

IT Network

Modern networks are easy to set up. The key to faster speeds is ensuring that there is enough speed available. If your network is not fast enough, you can easily get more speed by replacing or upgrading the router. Wireless networking can get faster and more reliable, and you can supplement wireless with a wired connection using an Ethernet cable. Another way to get a fast network is to use dedicated network switches to connect a wired network and a wireless for high-bandwidth data such as gaming (where fast network connections help gamers to compete against each other in the fastest way possible).

Network Design

Network Installation

Network Management & Support