Wireless Network Installation

Are you constantly struggling with slow or intermittent Wi-Fi? These issues can increase downtime and frustrations in your business, and directly contribute to lost profits, and even worse – lost customers! If you are not able to instantly communicate with all who are involved internally and externally from your business, we strongly advise reviewing your wireless network.

ASH NET understands that every business needs internet with fast speed and continual connectivity for their daily business activities. Whether your business is a coffee shop or corporate office, constant internet and wireless connectivity to devices both inside and outside your office and home is a must.

It is also imperative your systems and Wi-Fi are kept safe and secure from the outside network. Providing fast, reliable wireless networks with high security is our priority.

ASH NET has extensive experience in implementing wireless networks from simple to complex installations. We offer professional installation of wireless network system with high-connection security to both small & large size business in New Zealand.

We work with your IT department to plan the provision of Wi-Fi services based on your business needs. Or if you don’t have a dedicated IT team we can completely manage the initial site survey, customised recommendations, set up and post installation support.

All of our engineers have the required skills and knowledge to design and develop high performance, reliable and secure wireless networks for all business types.


Wireless Mesh networks

Wireless Bridge (point to point and point to multiple point)

Partial wireless coverage

Full wireless coverage

Wireless endpoint user authorization

Wi-Fi hotspots

Wi-Fi routers

Wireless range boosters and extenders

Wireless design and deployment


A company you can trust!

Fast speed wireless networks

End to end management of your installation or upgrade from survey to post implementation

Project management of all installation processes

Full post implementation support

Flexible support plans

Performance monitoring 24/7

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