User IT support is a people business. It is people who experience the everyday problems that stand in the way of working efficiently. Equally, it takes other well qualified people to resolve IT problems satisfactorily.

ASH NET IT Support Services are designed around the needs of customers and their individual users. Our engineers deliver exceptional responsiveness and accountability.

Our IT Support Help desk has a team of IT professionals who have the in-depth knowledge to resolve any IT related issues very effectively.

Their excellent customer service experience and extensive knowledge enables them to provide you with advice on preventing issues and avoiding pitfalls in the future, and how to keep your systems running smoothly on a daily basis.

Aligning that experience and knowledge with one of our key objectives to be maintained at all times – customer focus, enables us to resolve technical and non-technical issues efficiently and effectively.

At ASH NET, providing exceptional customer service is paramount to all we do and how we work. Our dedicated support team is passionate about building strong relationships with both our existing and new customers. We will do what it takes to provide personalised and customised IT support that your unique business requires, and to resolve issues in a friendly and timely manner.

You choose the support you need according to your unique business operations and IT services you require.


Our streamlined support processes enable you to keep your business running smoothly at all times. Just call or email our IT Support Help desk and we will immediately log your issues.

We monitor and manage all logs to ensure you receive the required support and service that keeps your systems running to their maximum potential. Our processes ensure any financial or other loss to the company is minimised as much as possible, or entirely eliminated.

Our Support Team pride themselves on keeping you informed by phone and email regarding progress on any Support Ticket lodged.


Customized support packages

Highly qualified and experienced staff

Support Ticketing System - mLocal and onshore in Auckland anaged 24/7

Support Ticketing System available to all customers 24/7

Onsite and phone support every business day

Fast response time

ASH NET are the IT company you can trust. Referrals available on request

Professional and friendly advice on all services your company requires

Contact us by email or phone to discuss more about how we can provide IT Support and Services that will streamline and increase the efficiency of your business