Are you spending valuable profits unnecessarily on expensive landline local or international calls? Even mobile call costs can be largely reduced or eliminated with a ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’’ (VoIP) phone system. A VoIP phone system could be the answer to increased profits, among many other business benefits. Get a VoIP phone system installed by one of the leading VoIP phone systems providers in New Zealand (NZ).


VoIP phone systems use data over the internet to communicate, rather than using landline or mobile phones. Every business is different, and has unique needs. The right VoIP phone system depends on your size and type of business, features needed and estimated usage volumes.

A VoIP phone system is a complete system that businesses use to replace their existing phone systems. Many large companies and organisations, including hospitals and banks have completely switched over to VoIP systems for their internal and external phone communication


Manage your VoIP on the fly – You will be able to remotely manage your call settings. Including directing calls to voicemail or having them transferred to another number or extension.

Increase efficiency – Your business will also be more efficient, and remote employees will work more effectively, by achieving more with less time. As the system is a remote system, you do not have to be in the office stuck to a landline waiting for calls any more. Have them transferred to wherever you are and work more freely.

Multiple phone numbers – no longer do you just need one or two fixed phone numbers. Additional phone numbers are sometimes also provided free of charge (depending on your provider)!

There are many more advantages for your business that VoIP phones deliver.To hear more or discuss your needs and questions, call us anytime.

What does it take to change to VoIP phones?

A few facts about VoIP phone systems, installation and configuration may familiaise you more with what it takes to change over to a VoIP phone system.The process involves six steps –
  • Select your hardware

  • Choose your phones

  • Phone system installation

  • Configure your system

  • Train your staff

  • Monitor ongoing

    As ASH NET is also VoIP phone system provider, we can take care of the full end to end process as above.

    Your VoIP solution may need to accommodate several dozen employees or more, and your internet connection will need to support simultaneous call volumes. We normally plan on using at least 100 Kbps in both directions for each call. Otherwise, employees taking up bandwidth all day that is used for other services could interfere with your phone system. A router that can prioritize call traffic is also necessary. ASH NET can provide commercial routers which accommodate this option so ask us about the options available. In terms of computer hardware, you can do it all on the cloud. ASH NET provides all requirements for an efficient VoIP solution.

    VoIP phones are available with various features. By identifying your needs prior to any installation provision and setup, we select the appropriate price and features that will accommodate all your requirements and budget. ASHNET selects the best phone solution for your optimum performance.

    Configuration services
    ASHNET can also configure your system according to the requirements identified in the planning phase of your project. This ensures your incoming and outgoing calls are well-managed. We can also check the analytics and monitor important patterns in both inbound and outgoing calls. Another VoIP phone extension can be added at any time.

    After your IP phone system is installed, ASH NET doesn’t leave you high and dry. We fully train your staff on how to use the system, and everything else your administrators need to know to keep it running efficiently.

    Phone system installation and monitoring services
    If you have never installed a new VoIP phone system how do you go about the process of VoIP phone system installation?If you also need a reputable company to install your VoIP phone system we can do that too. ASHNET can manage the whole process from start to finish and support you every step of the way and beyond with our monitoring services.

    VoIP Service Provider
    ASH NET can also provide the service to your VoIP phone system if you prefer to use one company for all your VoIP needs. ASHNET is the best service provider for your needs.Post installation, we then provide full support either remotely or on-site, monitoring your systems 24/7.

    Why use ASH NET as your VoIP phone system provider?
    ASH NET are experts in all VoIP phone systems and installation requirements, and we are local. Local people with global knowledge.So we chat face to face with you to find out what you really need, and what you don’t need! There are no hidden costs or service fees that you will be hit with that are not made clear to you. Our terms and conditions are clear and easy to read, and we look after you! From the start and ongoing. We are available 24/7 if you have any issues or questions.

    ASH NET is working with businesses every day providing many other communication, internet and IT services that are related to an efficient, continuously operating VoIP phone system. So we understand how important your communication is to your client base and uninterrupted business performance.

    After assessing your budget and business needs with a free consultation, ASH NET then provides a quote for your VoIP phone system based on those requirements. With many years of knowledge in this area, and all other VoIP associated services, you can be assured you are talking to experts.

    We are well known for excellent customer service. If we can’t resolve your issues remotely, we will send a technician on-site so you can keep doing what you are best at – running your business!

    Call us today to chat with someone who listens! Our fully trained expert will tell you in plain English what you need for both now and the future (and why), without the ‘hard-sell’ of extra equipment and services that don’t suit those requirements.



    ASH NET has extensive experience in implementing and supporting VoIP Phone systems from simple to complex installations.

    Contact us by email or phone to discuss more about how we can provide a VoIP Phone System that will streamline and increase the efficiency of your business.