In today’s fast changing times, a business needs to make many decisions to ensure smooth communication occurs between employees and clients. If you keep hearing “Can you hear me?” from your employees during telephone conversations, then poor communication may also adversely affect your business relations with your clients.

Do not allow poor communication to be a stumbling block for the success of your business. Allow Ash Net to evaluate your phone system needs and install small business phone systems within your organization in NZ. We know the art of converting “Can you hear me?” from “Yes, I hear you perfectly” with every reply. Contact us today to enquire about our small business VoIP telephone system.

Importance of Smooth Communication

Smooth communication with clients is an absolute requirement for every business. Small businesses require cost-effective solutions to provide flawless communication. Our small business phone system services include installation of traditional small business PBX, VoIP-based small business PBX, and VoIP PBX. All of Ash Net’s business phone systems provide flexible unified communication solutions at cost-effective rates for both small and large businesses. Both VoIP and PBX provide the purpose of receiving and making calls with a difference in the way they connect users. With PBX systems, a small telephone network makes use of standard telephone lines for outgoing and incoming calls. Alternatively, VoIP systems require an internet connection with an IP phone or computer for transferring analog voice data over the internet.

Different systems have their own unique features. For example, PBX is a perfect choice if a business is looking for technically superior features like call forwarding, voice mail, Interative Voice Response (IVR), etc. On the other hand, if businesses communicate with international clients and therefore need high voice quality, VoIP can fulfill the requirements by utilizing the existing internet connections of the company. Ash Net provides a range of IP phone solutions including cloud-based options, Hybrid and on-premise phone systems to businesses, customised according to requirements.

Benefits of Purchasing Small Business Phone Systems from Ash Net

Ash Net knows how to keep your small yet valuable business personnel connected. From your IT Manager to your Sales Manager, Floor Manager to Reception, and all those in between.

Our small business phone systems come with a range of telephony services that customers can choose according to their requirements. Whether you are a new start-up of 4-5 people or a large enterprise, we know how to streamline business communication for single or multiple business sites. Make your business error-free by implementing our small business phone systems solutions specifically designed to meet your business needs. We offer a range of benefits to our customers such as:
Fast and cost-effective upgrades – Quickly add 4 or 5 phone systems for a small business. Numbers of phone systems are easy to increase due to additional manpower by adding some useful extra features. We provide various brands of handsets.
Low installation costs – Our installation cost is nominal. We install phones and lines with fast turnaround times, sometimes even on the same day. We also provide training to business personnel regarding their usage and other benefits. And every new installation is backed with a 12- month warranty program.
Cabling – Ash Net provides cabling for telephone systems at a nominal cost.
Service driven – Ash Net are a service-driven company and provide highly satisfactory small business phone systems services to Auckland based private businesses.
Well established – We are a tried and trusted communication service provider and have operated since 2001. Ash Net is also an authorized service provider of VoIP and Cloud PBX Systems and services. We encourage new customers speaking with our existing customers at any time, to receive feedback or past reviews.
Hosted or on-site solutions – We will assist clients to decide between hosted or on-site phone solutions as per their business requirements and budget.
All sized customers – We provide unified communications and Cloud communication solutions not only for small businesses but also to corporate and government enterprises. We are confident about our premium phone solutions as we partner with some of the largest communication companies in New Zealand. Thus, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
Excellent support – Customers can call our customer care number anytime to resolve their queries.
Cost effective – We provide repair solutions with a fast turnaround time at the most competitive rates in the market.

Get started today. Give us a call and share your small business phone systems requirements. We will provide free consultation considering your business telephony requirements and budget. If you want us to choose the right phone system plan and do all the necessary installation and repairing work for you, we are ready to help 24/7. If you are currently already using a phone system and want to migrate to a new one, we can help you to go live with minimum hassle and downtime. Call Ash Net to resolve all of your communication problems with a system that is customised to your specific requirements.